Joyful nonsense in a looming world

Hits me like the pain
after a rocambolesque fall
unexpected as the sweet delight
of bleeding the feeling out of the skin.
In a reversed way:
pain can be joy,
joy doesn’t change – itself  –

by the way
who has decided there’s a
need of cause
for the consequence of laugh?
Why should there be a reason for
a heart to scream
its lightness of being?


This poem connects to “The lightness of being me“, by me.


The lightness of being me (A candle holder)

I give you my spine
Oh, so divine
in the falling day
reminding the gates
I dare a gun
pointed at you
only to feel the fun
of beating the truth.
A stop-motion capture
for this lonely rapture
Breaking the law
of Mother, that haw
Thrilling restraints
for all the cocaine
for all the pills
down the hills.
Please make a sound
the magnet inverted,
now am assertive.

Foscolo remembrances

Eternal loneliness in a vortex of life
you want the middle, you stand in line,
grasping parts and hearts
blasting hearts in parts
hiding with no seek
and still trying to find the bricks,
is it a mess, or the mess is fix?

Come to me sweet sensation
I need your careless inclination,
a pathway juggling on the crest,
I have you on my right,
I need you on my left.

The eternal nothingless:
for reason is a massacre;
or the only way to feel


This poem was inspired by the track “Eternal loneliness” from I Hate Models.