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I’ve started this blog more than a year ago with the idea of writing about the most interesting and inspiring art events I attend in my city, Vienna (you can read my first Prelude here). At the same time I decided to create a second space, Poetry, my, for sharing as well what Vienna itself inspires me, in terms of experiences, thoughts and emotions. Time has passed and I got busier and differently focused, and lastly decided to keep my poetry section as the main one. Nevertheless, you can find here a list with the links to my previous posts. It’s not to be ruled out that I won’t write prose anymore…


The eclectic rock of Verdena: 20 years anniversary (and still I want more)

Kunst am Kanal: art into the (Danube) flow

Confessions of a minstrel

The unbearable lightness of techno: SHXCXCHCXSH  

Mark Rothko: a journey into human emotions

Electric Indigo: Funk, Ferrum and Feminism

Xiu Xiu: the sweetest torture for ears and tears

Meeting poetry: Precious Okoyomon

The beauty of Beauty

Roberta Sinatra and the algorithm of art

About techno and new (non-) models: I Hate Models

Teresa Vittucci: all eyes on her

Vienna Contemporary 2018 (second part)

Vienna Contemporary 2018

Lucio and Duilio Forte, architects of imagination

Playground Festival AV 2018