Untitled (about beauties and beasts and my naivety)

There are people with beautiful feelings
seeing people with beautiful feelings shining
like beautiful people hiding
beautiful feelings.

And there are people with less beautiful feelings
seeing people with less beautiful feelings shining
like beautiful people hiding
less beautiful feelings.

There are people with horrible feelings
seeing people with horrible feelings shining
like beautiful people hiding
nothing like beautiful feelings.


Spider web

I censor my eyes
’cause you can already see
– when able to –
deep inside of me

A line on eyes
to imitate the best
make-up ever:
the one that makes you

Colored if you are pale
pale, if you are colored
(I don’t use make-up anyways
because I always lay between
the lines)

Everyone is shouting
“Me! Me! Look at me!
Look away,
then back at me again:
am I not the coolest
you have ever met?”
My life scares me,
I borrow yours;
my mum fires me,
I find a new specialization: from trouble
to lost.

There is something in the eyes
-trying to scratch: still blind-
leaves me hypnotised all time
grows the distance, grows
the time I look better
behind the line.

A song I composed for Alice

I don´t know-
I was caught in a dream!
A dream with red hair and blue eyes,
which left me shell-less, all the time.
A dream that
all the dreams come true!
Yet the rhythm, I don´t know, the rythm is

A song I composed for Alice,
to tell her “I love you,
I have no fear”.
Notwithstanding I am

A song I composed for Alice


…or was it me the
last addressee?

How to avoid disappearing

I sit and listen to music.
Nothing more, nothing less.
I am wasting my time

because I technically do

Tick tock tick tock
Time is running and you are not producing
Tick tock tick tock
Time is passing and you are still unmoved
Wear your coat, get a job,
stop being absurd
about live for love.

I am totally with you,
I need my dream to come true.
Reality is tough, though,
Even worse than silence
in ropes, even
if I change,
I can’t change.
Even if I change,
why do I?
To conformize?
Why do I?

  • Modify my shape
  • Shape my body
  • Get healthier, more active
  • Stop compromising


I sit and listen to music.


This time it’s an homage to Lana Del Rey and her beautiful “How to disappear” (here in the first live version).

The lightness of being me (A candle holder)

I give you my spine
Oh, so divine
in the falling day
reminding the gates
I dare a gun
pointed at you
only to feel the fun
of beating the truth.
A stop-motion capture
for this lonely rapture
Breaking the law
of Mother, that haw
Thrilling restraints
for all the cocaine
for all the pills
down the hills.
Please make a sound
the magnet inverted,
now am assertive.

Foscolo remembrances

Eternal loneliness in a vortex of life
you want the middle, you stand in line,
grasping parts and hearts
blasting hearts in parts
hiding with no seek
and still trying to find the bricks,
is it a mess, or the mess is fix?

Come to me sweet sensation
I need your careless inclination,
a pathway juggling on the crest,
I have you on my right,
I need you on my left.

The eternal nothingless:
for reason is a massacre;
or the only way to feel


This poem was inspired by the track “Eternal loneliness” from I Hate Models.

I crash on you like (L’hostage)

I crash on you like porcelain
on the ground. I fall to pieces,
each of them with a story to tell.
Where to begin?
The monster with hundreds eyes?
The meal I ate yesterday?
A carillon plays in my head,
constantly, repeatedly.
I lose myself in it
I lose myself in you.
Magical mantra
Tangible tantra.
And then you take me down to Earth, and
I can just feel alien to the earth
you want to share.
And then I close my eyes
And the only thing I can see
is the light pale through my skin.
I crash on you like a car crash dummy on the dashboard:
low damage, epic impact.

Prayer for rain

Little Lilith smelling honey
come adorn our empty noses
they could be filled with roses
but they fancy only money.
Come and shine my little honey
put a barricade, haste and wonders
we want be something besonders
come and save the little donee.

Besonders: from German, particularly, especially, expressly