Spider web

I censor my eyes
’cause you can already see
– when able to –
deep inside of me

A line on eyes
to imitate the best
make-up ever:
the one that makes you

Colored if you are pale
pale, if you are colored
(I don’t use make-up anyways
because I always lay between
the lines)

Everyone is shouting
“Me! Me! Look at me!
Look away,
then back at me again:
am I not the coolest
you have ever met?”
My life scares me,
I borrow yours;
my mum fires me,
I find a new specialization: from trouble
to lost.

There is something in the eyes
-trying to scratch: still blind-
leaves me hypnotised all time
grows the distance, grows
the time I look better
behind the line.


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